5 Vacuum Pump Maintenance Tips

Posted by COREVAX on 18th Mar 2022

1. Inspect the Environment

Vacuum pumps require the right conditions for optimum performance. Make sure there is sufficient airflow. Are there contaminants in the area - vapor, solvents, acid? Condensation can build up in your pump and create problems so check the surrounding environments ambient temperature.

2. Visual Pump Inspection

Most vacuum pumps have a sight glass. Use this to regularly inspect the oil. Clean oil will look the same color as vegetable oil. A darker color would mean the pump is contaminated.

3. Regular Oil & Filter Changes

Make it a standard practice to change the oil once or twice a year. This is also a great time to check the filters if equipped.

4. Perform Leak Testing

This will ensure that there is a vacuum-tight seal through the various connections. Eliminating leaks can prolong the life of your pump by keeping out foreign elements.

5. Create a Process

Stay on top of your vacuum pump maintenance. Every pump requires maintenance and downtime to operate at peak performance. Pump efficiency is essential to the successful operation of your business.