Compact Exhaust Filter Bundle

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Product Overview

Compact Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter Kit - 10 CFM

For rotary vacuum pumps it is recommended to vent them outside the room or to an exhaust hood to prevent indoor air contamination. This vacuum pump exhaust filter enables venting rotary vacuum pumps in rooms where an outside line is either not practical or possible. 

This filter also has an internal back pressure valve designed to release the element at 7.35 PSI differential pressure for pump safety. The housing comes with a 1/8" NPT oil drain port and are made of steel construction with a white enamel paint finish.

Kit Includes:

  • Filter Housing
  • Extra Cartridge
  • NW/KF25 O-ring
  • NW/KF25 Clamp
  • Free Shipping - Lower 48 States


  • Provides a safe lab environment
  • Purifies vacuum exhaust gases
  • Separate replaceable elements for oil mist and lighter fractions
  • Compact Design - 6 1/4" tall with standard NW/KF25 connections
  • Max flow rate 10 CFM
  • Baked white enamel finish