Digital Vacuum Gauge Bundle

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Convection enhanced Pirani vacuum gauge module with a built-in controller, display and process control signal.

The pressure measurement range of the CVM211 is 1.00E-04 to 1,000 Torr.

Bundle Includes

  • Pirani Vacuum Gauge
  • Adapter T Fitting
  • NW/KF25 Clamps
  • NW/KF25 O-rings


  • Wide measurement range of 1.00E-04 to 1,000 Torr
  • Built-in controller with bright LED digital display
  • Display units in Torr/mTorr or bar/mbar
  • 1 analog output and 1 setpoint relay
  • Small Foot-Print
  • Also a lower cost, plug-compatible direct drop-in replacement for the most basic Granville-Phillips® Mini-Convectron®
  • CE and RoHS compliant
  • Typical lead times of 3 to 5 days
  • Standard warranty of 2 years